Phone (PVA)


Exclusive phone to verify Facebook Account (make PVA Facebook accounts).

Buy together with a Facebook account to save $1 per phone.

Select Phone Duration

Select the desired duration for your phone during which all reverifications will be guaranteed

Phone total duration for reverification: 7 days.

Phone total duration for reverification: 30 days.

Phone total duration for reverification: 90 days.

Phone total duration for reverification: 365 days.

Select Country

You can choose the country and state for your phone. Matching the profile information, proxy location and phone location, will increase your account trust. Currently we have available USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Ask us for other countries.

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Product Description

Phone to verify Facebook Account (make PVA Facebook accounts).

A unique and private phone number will be given for you to phone-verify and reverify one Facebook account. Second factor (2FA) verification is also allowed.
We guarantee that no one but you will have use of the phone for the selected duration.

All the verifications, re-verifications and 2FA codes are warranted during the selected duration (*). SMS reception is guaranteed and we will forward codes as long as the phone is live.

You can extend the phone duration anytime, BEFORE the phone expires. Once the the phone expired, it cannot be extended anymore (except a few exceptions, ask us ASAP in this case).
Once the phone has expired, you should remove the phone from your Facebook account (your account still have the status of phone verified account) but if you do not delete a non-accessible phone number, you could lose your account if you are phone locked.

(*) The selected duration will start counting since the time we deliver the phones by email, not since you link it to the account. Also keep in mind our working hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, CET/CEST Time). If you request a code while we are offline, and the phone expires before we get online again, we won’t be able to provide the FB code at time if the phone expired when we came back to work and process your code request, so make sure to verify your account in with enough margin time.
If later you need your phone longer, buy time extensions here:


Phones cannot be returned for any reason. If you have any special request for this, let us to know BEFORE receiving the phone number (you can use the notes text field during checkout). We will forward SMS only from Facebook, we won’t provide codes for other services, or other kind of messages.

Buy together with a Facebook account to save $1 per phone.


For more information about our Facebook Aged Accounts, refer to the FAQ section on the FB Aged Accounts store page.

Contact us if you have any question about the accounts or the service.


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