Facebook Ads Accounts

These ads accounts are not available to purchase directly at the shop. You must buy them manually by contacting us, by skype at our user fbaccs (make sure the contact has our logo) and by email at info @ fbaccs.com

We can sell different modalities for Ads accounts. All them are built over our own Aged 9-10 years old accounts which we sell at our shop:


1- Bulk FB Ads accounts with all verifications, account with everything needed to be able to farm an ads account yourself (only need to warm-up the FB profile), for $350 if a working method of payment is added and linked to Facebook ads account, or $200 without method of payment linked (if you want try your own, and it needs several days of previous daily warming to link it). This account is NOT warmed and NOT READY to place ads. You must warm-up this account for 2 months and it’s not warranted you will not be disabled when you place your ad; even if EVERYTHING, including your warming-up is done rightly, there are chances to get ads accounts disabled (though there is also some chances to get it back by appealing if all was fine). These can have BM linked, but unverified BM.


2- Ready to work Ads accounts, able to place ads instantly. This is the same as above, but it’s already fully warmed and it already ran successful white ads. These are postpaid ads accounts too, and they have linked our own method of payments where Facebook will charge when your spending reaches a certain threshold, which is defined depending on the account’s trust level.

Prices start from $1000, depending on the current threshold level* and daily spending limit. You can buy the base account for $1000 which just has some testing ads to deliver with ads running, and both (threshold and spending limit) will increase with time just by spending with your ads. Or you can buy accounts with them increased already, as we previously warmed-up by spending at white ads.

Notice the difference of the price with bulk accounts, it is just for the warming-up work at the profile (at least 2 months warming everyday), to get ad accounts ready to work.

The ad account can be personal or within a business manager account at your choice, and we can get unverified or verified BM accounts.

It’s warranted against “suspicious activity” disabling for 48h or until your ads start delivering ads (what happens first) but not warranted against disabling for ads policy violations (for instance if you start advertising blackhat and become disabled). Having bills unpaid invalidates warranty too.

This is the table prices for the postpaid accounts, ready to advert right away. Thresholds levels are shown in new system levels, so account with $35 th in new system levels has the same warming, spending, and same trust level that the $250 th in the old system pre 2019 ($125 new th = $500 old th, , $250 new = to $750 old th, and so on). In bold is the price of the account, what you must pay to buy it.

  • $25 threshold (warmed with  $25+ in white ads)*: price is $1000 usd
  • $25 threshold (warmed with  $50+ in white ads)*: price is $1100 usd   (still $25th but more $25 bills paid) 
  • $35 threshold (warmed with  $75+ in white ads)*: price is $1200 usd
  • $50 threshold (warmed with  $110+ in white ads)*: price is $1300 usd
  • $50 threshold (warmed with  $160+ in white ads)*: price is $1450 usd   (still $50th but more $50 bills paid) 
  • $75 threshold (warmed with  $210+ in white ads)*: price is $1600 usd
  • $125 threshold (warmed with  $285+ in white ads)**: price is $1800 usd
  • $175  threshold (warmed with  $410+ in white ads)**: price $2000 usd
  • $250 threshold (warmed with  $585+ in white ads)**: price is $2200 usd

*Warming amounts can change on Facebook updates. **Ask us for prices and availability of higher levels for these top premium accounts, good for campaigns spending high volumes.

The ready-to-work accounts listed have a $50 daily spending limit. We can sell with increased daily spending limits, usually $250 limit (+25% price increase) and $350 limit (+35% price increase).

We can verify your BM for $1800, or sell a verified BM for $2000 (only BM without ad accounts), or can offer verified BM with unlimited daily spending Ad account, starting at $2500, depending on the previous warming on ads that you need:

The price for verified BM with unlimited daily spending, starts from $2500 with $100 spent on ads previously, but we can include a higher previous spending on white ads to warm-up the ad account. With around $200 spent already and $75 threshold, the price is $2800. With almost $300 spent and $125 threshold, the price is $3150. With around $400 spent previously and $175 threshold, the price is $3500.

Only BM (no profile, no ad accounts, only invitation link) will be: $250 for $50 daily limit, $600 for $250 daily limit, $1500 for unlimited (no verified).

Price includes (for all accounts):

  • Email address changed to an existing inbox which we can access.
  • Facebook Account many years old and warmed-up manually 1h+ everyday for at least 2 months.
  • Page created.
  • Ads account ready to deliver ads right away.
  • Method of payment linked with the Ads account, which you will be able to use to pay the ads bills.
  • 2 months of support, proxy, and phone re-verifications. This time can be extended later if you need longer support.
  • Needed files to access the account properly.
  • Instructions to transfer and use the account.


3- Prepaid FB Ads accounts (this option is outdated, please ask us if anyone is available). Ready to work right away after loading the prepaid balance. Prepaid ad accounts can only be personal ad accounts. Price: 250€. To add balance to the facebook prepaid account, you will need to use Trustly Online Banking! It only works with some real bank accounts in Spain, Estonia or Finland. If you have not available any bank on these locations, you can use our own bank account to credit your Facebook balance, for %10 fee plus fixed 25€ per movement, separated in 10%+20€ applied to your payment (i.e. wire transfer) + 5€ per funding movement (can consider other cheaper options if you plan to make many funding movements).
Prepaid accounts are safer, more trusted by Facebook than “postpaid” normal accounts, and they are harder to be banned for “suspicious fraudulent activity“. Against “policy violations”, these have a more unstable life, they can last 1 week or several months, it’s very random when Facebook will review their ads. Support, proxy and warranty for these accounts is the same as “postpaid” accounts in the option 2 above.
If your ads use to be disabled quickly, you should consider the option of prepaid ads accounts. They are ready to work and cheap, so you minimize the impact of being disabled. They are 250€ but we can drop the price if you buy a lot of them.
Note: Facebook changes everyday but currently these accounts start with a daily top-up limit of 40€ (around $50). This limit will increase eventually with time as you use your ads account delivering ads and spending daily all balance available. Sometimes we have in stock used accounts with higher limits, but are more expensive. Please ask them for availability and prices.


4- Renting Ads accounts. Ready to work. Fee: 25% depending on your ads and risk. There are some restrictions: only we will have access to the account to assure it is well managed, and you will not be able to use pixels for conversions as this account has to be shared. However we can add you as an advertiser of our account.
Also this account cannot be a sandbox for advertisers; we ask for a security deposit of minimum $500 (depending on the ads account rented), to cover expenses if your ads cause the ads account disabled because of policy violations plus a minimum budget of $500 per campaign. Every time you place or change one ad, it causes reviews and if the ad is non-policy compliant, there are always chances to get an account disabled. Obviously non proper cloaked ads will get higher chances. If the account is disabled, you will lose those $500 security funds and the remaining budget not spent yet. Otherwise, we will run your ads as long as you have enough balance prepaid to us, and then the security funds will be returned to you.


And finally, you can buy aged account and build the ads account yourself, check https://fbaccs.com/fb-aged


If you need more information about any modality for FB Ads accounts, or you need some clarification or need special requirements, please come back to us.

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