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4-6 unique photos to be ready to bypass the Facebook selfie lock “Upload A Photo Of Yourself”.

Buy together with a Facebook account to save $1 per pack.

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Tired of getting your account locked “Upload A Photo Of Yourself” to verify your identity?

Get the pics pack containing 4-6 unique photos to be ready to bypass the selfie lock when it comes.

All pictures are natural, casual and showing same person. Person will be common people (not models, nasty, and so on).

Photos are unique, never uploaded to Social Networks, and the person will be unique on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Of course, we only sell each pack one only time.

People on these photos does not exist in real world,. They have been IA generated. This way the identity in the profile is completely unique in the world, and it does not inflict any laws.

During checkout use the notes filed to let us to know if you need some requirements (race, gender or age) and we will do our best. Other requirements are not guaranteed.

To be ready for eventual selfie photo locks, upload most photos from this pack to the Facebook profile and tag them as yourself, and keep 1-2 pics not uploaded which you will use for future eventual selfie verifications.

Pics cannot be returned for any reason.

These photos will work for Photo Upload Verifications (not for Photo IDs) if you have not broken any Facebook ToS and you respected all our rules and advices provided when delivered. Please notice that this is useless if you buy this pack alone for an account already locked, or if you didn’t upload to the profile any of these photos, before being asked for the selfie verification (unless you were very lucky), because Facebook’s software will compare the photo you are verifying with the pictures tagged as yourself in the Facebook profile.

Facebook automatic recognition software sometimes makes mistakes, but if you didn’t break any Facebook rules, you will be reinstated in most cases.

For more information about this lock, check our article: How to Prevent and Bypass the Roadblock “Upload a PHOTO OF YOURSELF”

Buy together with a Facebook account to save $1 per pack.


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